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We have been designing and building automation systems for over 20 years

Right from the start R.system has specialized in the project and implementation of industrial and civil automation systems and mechanical manufacturing.
Since 2005 the company has been studying and producing turnkey plants in more than 25 countries all over the world especially in the tobacco processing industries and later expanding into other areas such as packaging and food industries.
The manifold and different projects taken on in 10 years allowed our technicians to achieve a high reliability and extend their knowledge in the mechanical and safety protection field applied to industrial systems.
R.System provides technical post-sales to the customers, 7 days a week and big warehouse for spare parts. Our aim is to develop a successful and long-lasting relationship with our customers.

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We create turnkey systems in over 25 countries around the world



Our customers are 100% satisfied with our products



Always working to design the system best suited to your needs

Our commitment

Our commitment

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Innovation with integrity

Our mission is to build a better future through innovation and integrity, creating lasting value for our customers. With dedication and passion, we continue to chart the path towards new frontiers in the industry, always keeping our core values ​​at the center.

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Excellence in innovation

We constantly invest in research and development to create cutting-edge products and services, anticipating market needs and exceeding our customers' expectations.

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Growth and collaboration

We value our employees and foster an inclusive and collaborative work environment. We believe that success is the result of teamwork and the continuous professional development of our staff.

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Sustainability and responsibility

We operate responsibly, minimizing our environmental impact and contributing positively to respecting and disseminating the guidelines. We promote sustainable practices and are committed to maintaining high ethical standards in all our activities.

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“Information obligations for public grants: state aid and de minimis aid received by our company are contained in the National State Aid Register referred to in Article 52 of Law 234/2012” and can be consulted at the following link National Transparecy Register and entering the value LBARRT79C22C745U as a search key in the Tax Code field


Via Madonna del Vento (angolo via E. Kant), snc – 06011 Città di Castello (PG)


(+39) 075 851 15 83



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