Mechanical Division

Thanks to the computing power of a computer, performing repetitive tasks and complicated process like those required on specific assembly lines has been made much simpler and less expensive. This is the advantage of using PLC in your company

  • PLC: Siemens ( S5 , S7-200 , S7-300 , S7-1200 , S7-1500, logo ), Telemecanique , Omron , Allen-Bradley ,Vipa , Beckhoff , ecc;

Thanks to constant development in this field we can offer services such as remote-control, security backup, monitoring and resolution of specific issues directly from our office. We also have spare parts for many major brands of PLC such as Siemens S5 and S7 , Telemecanique TSX's, etc...

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The machine and software control is operated through touch-screen operator panels we program at R.System with graphic and intuitive interfaces (HMI - Human-Machine Interface and SCADA) . You can start and stop a whole system just by touching the screen with your finger: as simple as a video game!

  • Touch-Screen Operator Panel, PC: Siemens, ESA , Telemecanique , Beckhoff ;
  • Software: Wincc Flexible 2008 , Wincc , Movicon , Zenon , Designer , Twincat , Superflash , Intouch;

The screens chosen are the best in the market for performance, quality and durability and are excellent for all work environments!


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